Michael Joseph Centre – Viti Exhibition + Some Extra Photography

I was shocked not many of my friends knew of the Centre and that all the Exhibitions are free to the Public???Yeah Free. Also the centre is there for You, Yeah You. You there reading this with a Camera, with a paint brush, with a Violin, with a Poem stirring in your head…etc. The Art Space hosts temporary art exhibitions – all genres ranging from performances, visual arts, fashion, to photography and videography. The exhibitions seek to demystify the arts so that people can understand them better and appreciate the motivation behind the artists.The Art Space, which doubles up as the Events Space, is also ideal for press conferences and launches. It is equipped with a stage, and other amenities such as projectors and TV screens to relay projections or run parallel documentaries.

So all u guys out there with super Ideas, think of something contact the Centre and see what u can showcase…Am Already thinking, so is Mutua Matheka ( http://mutuamatheka.wordpress.com/ ). I asked him plus other bloggers to come join me in seeing the centre and seeing the current exhibition so as to develop a Theme/Exhibition idea to put up. It was an amazing evening where we ended up taking shots of the Viti Exhibition plus we took some Night shots of the Safaricom HQ outside and inside. Its amazing what people can come up with if given an oppurtunity…Any way heres yours, think of what you can put up and if Art isnt your cup of Tea why dont you make a point of dropping by the MJ Centre, they are currently holding Mind Speak there, I was also lucky enough to go for a Book launch for Arvind Vohora’s Book on Wall Art…Amazing stuff al post the pics later…

See you at the Next event. To Book Ur Event at the MJ Centre hit this ( http://www.safaricom.co.ke/michaeljosephcentre/html/future.html )









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