Hi there If you have been puzzled about what Rumbaa.Com is well all will be revealed soon… Finally Finally Finally I can reveal to the world what I have been doing Since i came back to Kenya… Everyones asking what’s Rumbaa, Where did u get a Hummer from, What are you Doing with Safaricom etc…Well rest assured the Product will be out within this Month, there have been alot of Setbacks but now we are definitely getting it off the Ground… Now all I ask for is for the Public’s Support in making it a success… Do u Have an Event soon? Well Email Me. Do you have a venue? Well Email Me.

The Launch Party should be Sometime around Friday Jan 29th 2010 by then you will have Seen and Smelt on the Streets of Nairobi and Beyond. So please be a Fan and Lookout for Rumbaa.Com. Rumbaa.Com is definitely gonna change your WebLife, NightLife, PartyLife and the General Landscape of Kenyan Marketing. So Please all I ask for is Support.

Lets all get Ready to …RELIVE OUR MOMENTS with Rumbaa.Com and Safaricom Live


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