JUST A BAND – What A Band!!!

Just got the Second Album 82 off the Amazing Kenyan band – ” Just A Band ” . I had not listened to their first album yet Scratch to Reveal but from all the Media I saw a about them I figured they are worth a shot. So I rushed off to Nu Metro got myself a Copy. Oh My My MY MY firstly I Saw there album cover and I was already sold, I couldn’t believe this was African leave alone Kenyan… The Design is Superdelish!!! So I popped it in today, and from the first Track i was Amazed, the use of so many instruments and sounds with so much flow was amazing… The only other album close to this is my favorite band of all Time N.E.R.D where Pharrell Willams and Chad Hugo really go at it to create such an abundance of sound. This is an amazing album expect everything, from “Save my Soul” to “Tingiza Kichwa” amazing amazing amazing…

But even beyond the Music they have created, Just A Band has created an Identity supers-sing any other Group in Kenya, Their WEBSITE is on point ( http://www.just-a-band.com/ ) their Blog is also well Done ( http://blog.just-a-band.com/ ) they have used every possible social media platform to get noticed( Twitter, Myspace, Facebook etc). They have used their creative abilities Graphics and Communications with Aesthetic Ease, nothing looks forced but everything looks meaningful. I think alot of Groups, Singers, Musicians and Businesses need to learn from Just A Band, its not just getting out there, its about getting out there only when Your Product is Perfect, and So is Ur Image and your Strategy. Who do u want to see you how? its that simple.

Get their music off iTunes : http://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewAlbum?id=336050351&s=143441
Get their music off Amazon : http://www.amazon.com/82/dp/B002TB522O

Now am looking for their Debut Album Scratch to Reveal am sure its also on Point.

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