Nairobi So Far,Four Months in…

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So a lot of peeps have been asking me how it’s been back home.Well home,has been good to say the’s often said u need to take risks in order to get somewhere,when I took the plunge to leave rosy cape town where I knew everyone and had my hand into everything possibly imaginable I knew it would be hard to settle back home.Back in S.A I had Job security at the best marketing agency in the world, The Jupiter Drawing Room.I had the best bunch of peeps to hang with, The HQ massive.I was that dude, the guy who knew everyone and everyone knew, no club or night spot that mattered dint know me by first name or didn’t have a guest list that I wasn’t in.I was often reffered to as the mayor of cape town coz of my connections…

but still I figured there has to be more to it…I missed home,I missed my lovely girlfriend Ellen(who I have to say,has been a blessing from above to say the least), I actually missed the eraticness of Kenyan Society.I always believed beyond being born in Kenya there was and is a reason God choose Kenya,not S.A not U.S just Kenya.I always believed I could have an impact on Kenyan Society in a positive way,in a unique way.

I came back with a belief I could have an effect on the youth of Kenya coz in my concern the older generation have just screwed us over,sorry to say.have I managed?yes and no. But still every day I believe that the day will reach.

I have met some inspirational people since I came back to whom I credit for keeping my faith in the youth going. People like Ken Ndubai,Paddy(fresh Freddy),Ken Njoroge,John Rabar,Jimmy Kibaki,Dennis Heinemann,Anne Wanyoike and many other young go getters whom even tho I met briefly,still resonate in my little body…Kenya doesn’t need leaders, this guys are among us working there little magic in different ways,some do it the best way they can,thru creating jobs for Kenyans,creating industries where there were none…and ensuring they lead and teach thru there various organisations.

These people have taught me the only way to build Kenya is thru,ur own skills, thru ur mind…just the same way we(the youth)nearly destroyed Kenya in 2007 thru collective negativity we too can build it.Our minds will get us out,not some foreign aid and least of all our politicians.why do we believe that a bunch of 2 hundred or so people can help get a society of more than 38 million to prosperity?these guys have proven useless time and time again,and as they say history always repeats itself.If we all put our faith in these people instead of exerting our brains to create jobs for our fellowmen we will find ourselves in the same predicament we were in, in 2007. We need to create jobs and leadership at grassroots level,we need u to come up with a unique idea that can create jobs for all the youth sitting around being inducted into all these gangs.u,yes u. U are the key to kenyas growth.

Job creation, as minimal a it sounds gives people hope for tommorrow resulting in less recklessness.

So what has roy done so far?I have preserved to create something new in the best way I know,started a small company which hopefully in the next few months will create a new industry in which kenyans can enter and thus empower i also met likeminded youth who thru brainstorming created two new entities that will also create jobs in the long run.

Whether or not we will be successful doesn’t matter,the fact is we dint sit down and watch the Ship sink,we tried our best to drain it as much as we could.

So,my lesson is if ur scared to move and do something well,tommorow will be even more scary.Get off ur bum,take the plunge,challenge urself & stop waiting for Manna from the Skies.Get out there,and be part of the solution not the problem.

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