Snaefell project… Be Amazed.

After 10000 hours of hard work, more than 10 years from time to time in the garage and about 15000 Euros spent, the Snaefell was ready to ride!
As you can see, the result is really impressive for a work done by an amateur…

The vehicle is very neat and the finishing is astounding. The general design is quite beautiful, which is quite rare throughout the sidecar production.
While this is a very special vehicle, the Laverda touch is obvious. This is not only the triple engine which does that but probably a smart and hard work on the global design. The rear part recalls the RGS side panels. The glorious triple 1000cc seems magnified in this red dress…

Attention to details reveals thousands of great mods.

Now this is what we can called a complete dashboard. Note the level of finishing… Note also the 3 exhausts!

This is a sidecar, right? So, have a look at this nice, well finished and comfortable interior. All hand made naturarly!

Headlight comes from a Kawasaki 1000 RX bike, the tail lights from a Citroën Xantia car.

Invitation to a nice road trip……. The work is signed with this special logo, a reversed F in a K, just like François Knorreck.

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