Retro Cameras: The Coolest Pictures in the world could be at your Grasp, maybe even hidden in your parents dusty Storeroom.

I am facsinated by the detail and all the hardwork put in construction of Old Cameras, Digital Cameras unless ur getting a Hasselblad H4D

( ) or something with at least 40 MegaPixels will still never compare with old Cameras especially those using 120 Film like your Mamiya 7II or your more common Rolleiflex.

I have a Rolleiflex and it is the probably one of the best cameras ever, a bit Cumbersome but the Photos are beyond any Digital camera you can find in your nearest Camera Shop. If ever you think of Getting an exciting Camera get your hands on a RolleiFlex

See and download the full gallery on posterous

or a Lomo ( )

If your in Kenya 120 Film is really hard to come by as I have realised, and to get a Studio that develops 120 Film is even harder…The only place in Kenya i have found is PHOTO MURAL at the Warwick Center next to the UN in Gigiri. Its not cheap I have to say but they are getting a better machine soon so it will be cheap as chips to get Extraordinary photos ASAP from your 120 Films. If you want some really stunning photos get yourself an Old 35 Mm camera, you will probably find out that your Folks probably have their old one stashed somewhere in the House so just ask first. I got a stunning Voigtlander Bessamatic and a loads of other plastic and classic cameras from the yester years . The Voigtlander looks absolutely beautiful, I had to repair it so I cant wait for it so that i can Snap Snap.

See and download the full gallery on posterous

Many of you may be good at photoshop and love your digitals because you can edit them immediately, Yes true but nothing compares to the Joy of Owning and Working on Film, thats why all the leading Fashion Photographers who are paid the most still relly on there 120 Film Pentax or Hasselblad Cameras…and they must know something you dont… FILM Rocks!!!!

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