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The Androcles lion tells the Furadan story

Category: Africa, Kenya, Lions, Mara Triangle, Pride of Kenya, poaching, predators, wildlifedirect | Date: Aug 27 2009 | By: paula

Kenya’s lions are in trouble. Over 30,000 lions once prowled the wildlands of Kenya, today only 2100 are left! About 70 lions die each year after eating carcasses laced with deadly pesticides.

So what has a pink lion got to do with conservation? Well, if you haven’t guessed it already – the poisoning of lions using the pesticide carbofuran (Furadan) is thought to be the main cause for the decline of our lions, and it could push Kenya’s tiny population over the brink and into extinction.

Androcles in garden1.jpg

The first thing you notice is that the Androcles lion is painted magenta pink.


It’s the colour of the brand Furadan, which is made in USA by the firm FMC and is distributed by Juanco SPS in Kenya.

mane cash.jpg

Every lion in Kenya is estimated to be worth US$ 1 million. This is why the Androcles lions mane is made up of a thick layer of cash (photocopied money under permission from the Central Bank of Kenya). Money is also why lions are endangered, the commercial value of carbofuran is one of the main reaons why this dangerous poisonous product is being sold in Kenya. After realising that Furadan is killing lions, FMC said they have withdrawn Furadan from East Africa – but it’s still available in shops in Kenya and Uganda.


The Androcles lion is bound in a silver chain, each link is labeled, with the impacts of the chain reaction caused by this pesticide. On farms it kills insects, which are eaten by rodents, birds and small mammals. Hippos, antelopes, cattle and other wildlife eat the crops covered in Furadan and when they die, vultures, hyenas and other scavengers eat the carcasses and in turn they get poisoned. Many animals die from deliberate poisoning including lions, eagles, wading birds, and animals deemed to be pests like baboons, moles, stray dogs and rats. Some birds and even fish are poisoned for human consumption – so Furadan also threatens humans. Dino Martins has told us that bees and many other valuable insects are especially vulnerable to this deadly pesticide.

Although carbofuran sold in Kenya, it is made in USA where its use has been banned there due to its deadly effects on wildlife. To break the chain we must ban carbouradan in Kenya, Africa and the world (Carbofuran is currently banned in the EU and the EPA has revoked all tolerances for carbofuran in USA).

androcles mary.jpg

The Androcles lion will stand on a concrete base at the Yaya shopping center in Hurlingham just a stones throw from the offices of WidlifeDirect. The base will be covered in crushed purple glass, just like the purple granules of the pesticide. Carbofuran granules are purple but is hardly visible when sprinkled on a carcass. It has no taste or smell, it kills anything that eats the carcass, including lions, hyenas, jackals, and vultures. It only takes a few granules of Furadan sprinkled on a cow carcass to kill an entire pride of lions.

We owe so many people BIG thank you’s

  1. Peter Greste for taking the lovely photos
  2. The BBC Network Africa for airing the story on World News!
  3. David Mascal a lion lover like no other – for the roar – you’ll hear it soon!
  4. Boy Genius Tonee Ndungu who is creating something we can’t talk about yet
  5. Elizabeth Klem, MD of the Yaya Center who gratiously agreed to host the Androcles lion for the next 2 months
  6. The Governor of the Central Bank of Kenya who approved the wild idea of using photocopied Kenyan currency on the lions mane (yes it’s illegal without permission)
  7. The Card Center in Yaya for fabulous poster pens – we’ll tell you about those later
  8. John Muturi, Val Leakey and Mr Mwangi and all the Friends of the Nairobi City Park who initially offered to host the Androcles lion. It wasn’t possible this time – but perhaps next time?
  9. Jake Grieves Cook for donation of a prize – weekend for two at a luxury camp in Masai Mara – we’ll tell you about the raffle later
  10. Alice and Wanja of the Born Free Foundation for their patience and amazing tolerance – you guys are amazing

and most of all


THANK YOU MARY COLLIS – an amazing Kenyan woman who worked 24/7 to get the Androcles Lion ready on time.

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