More sneak peaks of fabulous painted lions | Baraza – KENYA HAS ONLY 2100 Lions Left??? I cant believe it.

More sneak peaks of fabulous painted lions

Category: Africa, Kenya, Lions, Poisoning wildlife, Pride of Kenya, furadan | Date: Aug 23 2009 | By: paula

As the artists gear up to complete their lions, we’ve been sneaking in to get first impressions – well, here are three amazing lions I saw today.


Here’s Butterflion and his creator – yes you guessed correctly, its our very own Dr Dudulittle, Dino Martins our resident entomologist who writes Dudu diaries. This lion sponsored by Kenya Data Networks (KDN) is a puzzle of butterflies and other bugs that children will have to find…Dino has hidden little gems like ticks in uncomfortable’ll have to come see it Butterflion to understand


ole simba1.jpg

Ole Simba is a mosaic lion being put together by these two absolutely lovely ladies (talk about gigantuan patience! It’s slow hard work)

ole simba3.jpg

ole simba5.jpg

Mr bones1.jpg

And Mr. Bones reveals the insides of the lion, sadly the artist, an apprentice with Nani Croze of Kitengela Glass was not there but her work is pretty amazing!

mr bones2.jpg

His other side is totally different

mr bones3.jpg

Pretty impressive aren’t they?

work at Kitengela.jpg

The artists working at Kitengela on the edge of Nairobi National Park are especially motivated because the parks lions are in peril. These artists are busy working away to complete the lions by the big day – September 2nd which is the launch of the Pride of Kenya. It will take place at KWS head quarters and the 50 lions will be loaded onto trucks and taken to Uhuru Park in Nairobi’s city center. The KWS band is apparently going to play! It should be great fun.

Every one is very excited, Nairobi is certainly in for a very interesting experience.

If you want to participate but are not in Nairobi you can! Just send us a message or a promise to lions and we will make sure that it will be seen. You can also tell all your friends, share the information with your networks on Face book or Myspace, twitter etc, Send us ideas of activities that we can conduct during the next two months to inspire the world to care about lions.and if you have a spare dollar, send us a donation and we’ll use it for kids activities. If you don’t have a spare dollar, why not send a letter to someone you know who will sponsor this event? If you’d like to know more about how you can help, email me on I really look forward to hearing from you

To follow the event Pride of Kenya please visit our blog “Pride of Kenya“. The event is a collaboration between The Born Free Foundation and a British organization called Wild in Art (remember Go Elephants in Norwich, or Superlambbanana in Liverpool…well Pride of Kenya is part of that series).

 There are only 2100 lions left in Kenya – help us save them, Donate now

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