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Pride members are being released..!

Category: Pride of Kenya | Date: Aug 06 2009 | By: prideofkenya

 Line of lion sculptures!

Members of the Pride…  they’re running out fast!

This past week has been busy, busy, busy for the Pride of Kenya project. With the lions being delivered to their sponsors and the artists getting to work on them, they are running out fast!

Tononoka have world famous artist El Tayeb working on their fibreglass king of the jungle. The handover ceremony fittingly took place at their factory and the atmosphere was full of excitement with all the employees taking part.

Our media partner, Nation Media Group’s lion has been completed and it is indeed breathtaking.

Our other partner, Kenya Data Networks have sponsored two lions which we look forward to seeing as they will incorporate their Butterfly camera’s to monitor their lions during the exhibition.

The media coverage of this project has been fantastic. NTV news has covered the project, their breakfast show has done a piece on it and Caroline Mutoko for Kiss FM included it on her morning show.

Sarit Centre also received their lion and the year 11 class of Braeburn High school have been busy painting it, even taking time during their holiday to work on it. We are all very excited as everything is coming together beautifully.

Braeburn yr 11’s working on Sarit lion
Braeburn yr 11’s working on Sarit lion

Kenya airways have flown their lion to the UK to have their artist work on it. We look forward to seeing the finished lion when it jets back in.

Lion on the runway about to jet off
Lion on the runway about to jet off with Kenya Airways

All this progress and indeed the entire project have been made possible thanks to all our sponsors, partners and artists to whom we are very grateful to for all their various contributions.

Noni Mruttu

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